Chances are you have probably heard of the neurological disorder known as “autism” by now. But do you really know all the facts?

Autism is The Most Over Diagnosed Disease

Mass misdiagnosis of autism has always been the subject of controversy and debate, but most experts agree that the rate of incorrect diagnosis of autism is significant. Typically, researchers’ estimates on the misdiagnosis of autism range from 30% to as high as 50%, but it is possible that the real figure is even higher. While these numbers don’t relate to Nerdistic Behaviour Disorder, it certainly goes to show that there exists a widespread misunderstanding of autism, and a dangerous exaggeration of its prevalence.

Misdiagnosis of serious diseases has serious consequences. Children recieving medication and treatments for problems they do not have is always dangerous for their health, and often worsens their condition. Parents have been taught to look for signs of autism when their kids are very young, resulting in millions of children being incorrectly medicated from as young as 2-3 years old. These medications often come with side effects and in the long-term can harm the developing brain, cause heart-related problems and cause drug dependency and psychiatric problems.

The mass misdiagnosis of autism results in hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars being wasted every year on false treatments and medication. It also gives those affected and their friends/family a false belief that they are doomed, as there is no cure for autism.

Clearly, there is a problem here. But where does it come from? Why do parents and doctors constantly classify children as autistic when they really aren’t? There are a number of reasons:

Free Software Extremists Openly Exploit Autists

This is not a conpisracy theory. It is no secret that the communists behind the Free Software movement go to great lengths to force people to submit to their unforgiving creed. They achieve satisfaction by not only forcing people to use their crappy software, but by forcing people to contribute code to it too. In the same way that Minecraft targets the autistic market, The Free Software zealots openly recruit “autists” to join their movement and write code for them. As the symptoms of autism include having no social skills and an immense interest in building useless things to no end, the Free and open-source software movement and autism seem like the perfect match for each other. This allows freetards like Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds to sit back, relax and continue making money while autistic children and teenagers write all their code for them.

[People with autism] have strong attention to detail and an ability to identify mistakes. If they look at a program code they are able to see very quickly if there’s a mistake.

Auticon, an autist-employing IT company in Germany.

Of course, it is not only the Free Software zealots who are abusing and exploiting autists for their coding gifts. Copying freetard tactics, some for-profit software companies have also hired autists to work for them as programmers, as a cheaper alternative to hiring real people.

Nerds are a Greater Problem Than Autists

While there is extreme overdiagnosis of autism, there is mass underdiagnosis of Nerdistic Behaviour Disorder. Unlike autism, it is possible to eventually overcome Nerdistic Behaviour Disorder and become a functioning member of society.

Most doctors agree that Nerdistic Behaviour Disorder is a much greater problem than autism. Unfortunately, parents, politicians and the media are overwhelmingly clueless of this fact and continue to put their faith and money into autism. The StopNerds Foundation believes that if just 1% of money donated to autism awareness groups was instead used to promote nerd awareness and treatment, it could result in the reduction of U.S. medicare spending by at least $150 million, and an increase in the global workforce of at least 25%.